Dedicated to the advocacy and support of legal cannabis businesses in California & throughout the USA.


Three Distinct Areas of Service

The coalition is a diverse group of facilitators working to bridge the gap between investors, industry specialists, projects, products and politics.




By becoming a member of the coalition you gain access to a network of facilitators, products and potential projects that can help move your business forward.

The coalition represents the interests of its members to promote the growth and sustainability of legal cannabis businesses throughout the Coachella Valley, California and the USA. 


The CCC is a diverse group of leaders & facilitators working to streamline projects throughout the state.

We work with tested models that allow for expedited and focused facilitation of targeted opportunities, projects, products and municipality navigation.


Joint Ventures

The cannabis industry brings with it a wide spectrum of businesses and opportunities which allows for a shared economy filled with strategic partnerships and joint venture possibilities. We are here to work with you and to provide a well-rounded approach to achieve success.


“CCC was founded on the belief that with proper legislation, compliance and safety cannabis is a crop with tremendous potential to rejuvenate the state of California. .”

Heather Coladonato  |  ccc Founding Member & Advocate



It is our mission to educate communities, advocate for the industry, promote the growth and sustainability of legal cannabis businesses and to craft effective solutions focused on compliance and legitimacy. The organization was founded because of a clear need for effective facilitation between the industry, service providers and municipalities. We believe that by sharing experience, expertise and recommendations we will aid in smooth transitions from a grey market to a flourishing vibrant green economy.



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